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All classes will be held from 6 to 9 PM consecutively running for six weeks every Tuesday. All students will have homework, so please be sure to factor that in before you sign up to take this class!
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Susan Rawlings

OCTOBER 17 2023 Advanced Start up

In this class we will begin with an overview of all the necessary ways we need to properly prepare to enhance our psychic abilities, including prayers of protection, meditation, white lighting, psychic self defense, as well as a quick meditation to align our chakras.

OCTOBER 24 2023 Spirit Guides & Angels

In this class we will participate in a guided meditation to meet our spirit guides and angels, as well as learn the many ways we can learn to listen, trust and work with them. We will also go through exercises for raising our vibrations, and how to connect with our higher self.
Susan Rawlings
Susan Rawlings
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In the class we will learn about understanding and seeing auras, how energy works, how to connect with, read, and manipulate energy We will also learn the basics of astral travel and what is needed to be properly prepared and protected.

NOVEMBER 7 2023 Diving Deeper Clairvoyance, Mind Reading & Telepathy

In this class, we will develop and expand our abilities for clairvoyance, mind reading and telepathy, as well as participate in practice sessions to further develop our abilities that can be used during and after the class.
Susan Rawlings
Psychic Readings
Susan Rawlings

NOVEMBER 14 2023 Seances, Black Scry Mirror Divination & Bibliomancy

In this class, you will learn how to formally conduct a Seance’, Bibliomancy Black Scry Mirrors.

NOVEMBER 21 2023 Precognition, Prophecy & Remote Viewing

In this class, we will explore the psychic gifts of precognition and prophecy and will cover ways in which we can practice making predictions. We will go over basic remote viewing techniques and will practice our newly acquired knowledge in class.
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