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Tarot Card Class Saturday September 16 2023 12- 6 pm $200

Student will need to bring a Rider or Universal Waite Tarot Deck please have them all in order so that we don’t have to spend a 1/2 hour class time putting decks in order. Please have them divided by the major arcana, court cards, and suit cards.

Susan has self taught in the art of Tarot Card Divination starting at the age of 17 years old. At the age of 56 years I consider myself to be an excellent Tarot Mentor. There are things that Susan will be teaching that you will NOT get from other Tarot Classes. She will not only how to accurately read and interpret the tarot cards, she will show you dairy easy spreads that you can pull information quickly from so that the reader can start firing off information immediately without having to take too much time! Susan will also, teach you how to pick up spirits from the other side, who want to show themselves in the tarot spread, and how you can communicate with them through the tarot. She also teaches you how to pick up animals in the taro that have crossed over this will be a very deep dive class into the tarot! At the end of this class as long as you practice, you will be a total expert!
Susan Rawlings
Susan Rawlings

Tarot COURT CARD CLASS ONLY September 21 from 6-9 pm $60

Don’t let the Court Cards which can be challenging in a Tarot Spread to interpret intimidate you! Susan will teach you the most effortless way to accurately understand Court Cards.
Court Cards of the Tarot deck consist of Kings, Queens, Knights and Page cards. Many Tarot Readers find the court cards very challenging to interpret. Susan Rawlings will be teaching how to accurately and easily interpret the court cards in any Tarot spread. She will also be teaching the structure on how to read Court cards and why proper structure in all Tarot spreads are key to giving accurate readings. Class will be held at Susans office on November 8th from 7-9 pm EST and can also be accessed on the Zoom application for the those who would like to participate from the comfort of their own home online. To learn more about Susan Rawlings please visit www.SusanRawlings.com

Susan Rawlings
6890 Refugee Road
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