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Magick Oils

Wanted to illuminate your path, try our magical oils that is created to support you and enchanted elixirs of your life.

Magick oils, also known as magical oils or ritual oils, are Susan’s secret weapons that provide magical support on your spiritual journey. They assist you in overcoming life’s challenges and are used in various occult and spiritual aspects of your life. Each oil possesses its own unique energy, making these essential oils your confidential tools to enhance your daily routine. They prevent you from being hindered by sadness, empowering you to embrace a vibrant and joyful life with Susan’s mystical magick oils.
Susan Rawlings
Magick Oils
Susan Rawlings
Magick Oil

Every little thing she dose is magic!

In her craft, she creates a diverse range of oils, tailored to the influences of planetary alignments, lunar phases, and zodiac signs.

Let’s explore the insight of susan’s magic bucket

Among her creations, we have a range of her bestselling ones, Money & Abundance oil, the Angel Kisses oil—a collaborative endeavor with her roommate’s daughter, Ava—, the Protection oil, the Blessed Virgin Mother oil, the Love Drawing oil, and the Tantric Spiritual Sex Oil.
Susan Rawlings
Magick Oils

These oils are design for you!

Money & Abundance oil, an aromatic symphony that resonates with the energies of prosperity and wealth, guiding one toward the treasures of life.

Angel kiss oil is another gem in her collection, a masterpiece born of collaboration and love. Crafted in partnership with her roommate’s daughter, Ava, this ethereal blend harnesses the purity and innocence of a child’s spirit, offering gentle blessings and celestial connections.

Protection oil, lets stepping into the protective embrace, one finds a shield woven from the threads of ancient wisdom and modern enchantment. It forms an invisible armor, safeguarding against negativity and ill intentions, while paving the way for a harmonious existence.

The Blessed Virgin Mother oil, a sacred potion, serves as a conduit to divine nurturing and compassion. An embodiment of the maternal essence, it resonates with the energies of tenderness and guidance, offering solace and invoking the presence of a celestial mother.

Love Drawing oil in which love blooms with the enchanting, a fragrant elixir that beckons the heart’s desires. Its aromatic tendrils weave a tapestry of attraction and connection, aligning the wearer with the frequencies of affection and emotional resonance.

Tantric Spiritual sex oil, for those exploring the profound realm of intimacy and spirituality, the Tantric Spiritual Sex Oil stands as a testament to the fusion of physical and spiritual energies. This sacred blend, harmonizing body and soul, aims to elevate intimacy into a realm of heightened awareness and connection.
Each oil is a testament to her devotion, meticulously crafted with the purest intentions, sacred ingredients, and ancient wisdom. They are more than mere oils; they are conduits of energy, gateways to intentions, and vessels of transformation, awaiting to coalesce with the desires of those who embrace their magic.

Your Spell, Your Scent, don’t be so late before the planetary will be changed!

Without making any claims of medicinal applications, her oils are exclusively crafted to channel magical energies. Each oil, a manifestation of sacred dedication, is meticulously composed from the purest essential oils, infused with blessings, adorned with sacred stones, and delicately interwoven with dried flowers and herbs. Customization is within her skillset, readily accommodating specific requests for unique blends. Each vial of her artisanal concoctions, containing one dram, is offered at a price of $20. With every creation, the foundation of prayer and intention serves as the cornerstone, ensuring that these oils transcend the material realm and manifest the mystical.
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